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I Got My Hair Cut Correct…

July 23rd, 2010

In honor of our good friend Rodie recently goin' down on an Anthony Mason ditty in 20 Questions, here's a glimpse of the periodical that could have served him well as a lifeline.

In this issue of SLAM magazine (circa 1994), not only do the Beastie Boys play streetball with New York Knicks power forward, Anthony Mason, but they also take a dip in the pool together (very fitting for our just released, A Summertime Donnybrook):


1. Remind you of the "Root Down" video at all?

2. MCA attempting to play man-to-man defense on Mase.

3. Ah Mike, quit splashin'! You got water in my eye!

4. Anthony...Mason! Anthony...Mason!

5. Adrock checking the ball up.