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Kid Rock & 3 Skinnee J’s, Ep. 12

November 1st, 2010

On this episode of The Brouhaha, Kid Rock channels his inner Beastie; Jim (the first skinnee J) talks with Music Choice's Justin Prager (the second skinnee J) about interning at Capitol Records, programming music videos for MTV, and prognosticating about the Beastie Boys' new album, Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 2; and John (the third skinnee J) tries his hand at "20 Questions."


(left to right:  Kid Rock's under-appreciated, college-radio fav The Polyfuze Method; Kid Rock gracing the cover of Grand Royal, and Justin and Jim cold lampin' with Flavor Flav—who unfortunately is not on this episode of The Brouhaha.)