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My Lost Beastie Interview (2004)

June 16th, 2012

After briefly meeting Mike D and Adrock the day before, on June 9, 2004 I got to meet MCA and conduct my first interview with the Beastie Boys—a teenage dream come true.

Star-struck, nervous, and excited; the first interaction with my musical superheroes was both awkward and glorious.

The following interview never made air on MTV2 (probably for good reason).

Before my contract ended at MTV I made sure to get a video dub of all of my favorite on-air moments, this one being near the top of the list.

Here's where things get sticky:

The person who transferred the footage onto DVD put an adhesive label onto the disc, a nice gesture that later turned into a nightmare.

A year or two after the transfer, the label developed an air bubble which made the disc unplayable.

I tried removing it, but that only made the situation worse.

I then soaked the DVD in soapy water, which did loosen up some of the adhesive on top, only to speckle the playing surface of the disc with particles of glue.

The footage was ruined.

Fortunately, I was later employed by VH1, but when I checked the library no one was able to locate the tape of my interview.

Every couple years I would blast the disc with some Windex, hoping to somehow bring it back to life.

This week I came across the DVD once more, gave it another cleaning and miraculously—for the first time in eight years—it played all the way through!

A small digital hiccup does occur at 2:12 (reminiscent of what the entire video once looked like), but other than that the footage is fine.

Moral of the story: 1.) You will get nervous when you meet your heroes. 2.) Don't put adhesive labels on DVDs.